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29 July, 2010

My new chocolate moulds


DSC01779 DSC01780

Small alphabet                                              Ketupat




Plain oreo chocolate mould


Just want to show my new chocolate moulds that i bought yesterday.

28 July, 2010

My new tool – Chocolate/pastry funnel

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My new chocolate/pastry funnel.

  • Use for garnishing plates, filling quiches and moulds, filling chocolate shells.
  • Designed to deliver precise portion control of different product consistencies like mayonnaise, ketchup,jellies, syrup, ganache, creams, sauces.
  • A single pull of the handle will deliver a precise measurement.

25 July, 2010

Oreo/Stereo chocolate

How I make my stereo chocolate

Actually i used Stereo sandwich biscuit to replace oreo biscuit for making this chocolate. Easy to make using the chocolate mould. Firstly,i used pink chocolate from Harvest (strawberry flavor) to color the flower, heart and tulip and let it hardened. After that i pour melt chocolate ( I used Tulip compound chocolate). Then i put stereo biscuit in the mould. Lastly i poured melt chocolate on top of the biscuit to cover it. I put in the freezer for 5 minutes and then I unmould the chocolate.




You can see the biscuit inside the chocolate. It is yummy. Stereo chocolate can be made as a gift, birthday gift or door gift. I prefer to use Stereo sandwich biscuit since it is made in Malaysia and also has Halal certification from Jakim.

Blueberry cheese tart & Fresh fruit tart


DSC01741 DSC01745DSC01743

Order from Pn Mazita from Kota Damansara. This is first time order from Pn Mazita. She stumbled upon my blog and found my contact to order the tarts. Thanks Pn Mazita for your trust to order my tarts. She ordered 40 pieces blueberry cheese tarts and 40 pieces fruit tarts.

Toy Story 3 Birthday Cake

DSC01752DSC01749  DSC01754

Birthday cake with Toy Story Edible Image ordered by my regular customer, Maria for her kids Nurizzat & Nurirsyaad. The edible image picture was specially designed by Maria for her kids birthday theme and i sent the softcopy for edible image printing. Cake flavor is chocolate cake covered with chocolate cream cheese and decorated with butter cream.(same cake flavor ordered by her for last year). Thanks again Maria.


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Carrot Cake ordered by Tenaga Switchgear

DSC01722 DSC01720

Since this is  last minute order, i managed to make simple carrot cake for Tenaga Switchgear for July Birthday celebration. 3kg carrot cake with walnut and cream cheese topping. Thanks Zura.

No. 1 Cake , Fruit Tarts & Blueberry cheese tarts

DSC01735DSC01737DSC01739DSC01734    DSC01724

This is repeat order from Aishah for her son’s 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday Anas Haikal.  Aishah ordered 25 pieces fruit tarts, 25 pieces blueberry cheese tarts and Cake No. 1. Thanks Aishah.


Aishah’s previous order :

21 July, 2010

Fresh Fruit Tart

DSC01689 DSC01690


Fresh Fruit tarts ordered by my cousin last weekend.

My new tools


Numerical Cookie cutter/fondant cutter

DSC01687 DSC01688

Multicolor Jelly mould


I just want to share my new tools that i bought last weekend from House of Ingredients ,Bandar Sri Damansara.

15 July, 2010

Dodol Asli Melaka for Hari Raya

Dodol Asli Melaka

Original recipe from my grandma. This dodol is a bit sticky but yummy and the taste is really differrent from normal dodol out there. Once you taste it you will love it. Interested to order? Please call me. RM16 for half kg.

13 July, 2010

Kuih Cakar ayam

DSC01682 DSC01685


Promosi Kuih Cakar ayam for Raya. 1 container –40 pieces. Homemade and very crunchy. Freshly made base on order. Interested to order? Please contact me.

06 July, 2010

3D fondant doll cake


DSC01664DSC01654  DSC01652

3D fondant doll cake ordered by Azahar for his little girl’s birthday. Thanks Azahar.

According to Azahar his little girl like the cake.

The fondant skirt was coloured using Americolor airbrush sheen color. It looks shiny.

02 July, 2010

Blueberry Cheesetart and Fresh Fruit Tarts

DSC01602 DSC01600



Blueberry cheesetarts and fresh fruit tarts ordred by Pn Sharifah Rohani , my regular customer for her office mates. Thanks Ani for your order.


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