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" I have realized that I should not regret any day of my life. Good days give me happiness, bad days give me experiences - both are essential to life. Happiness keeps me sweet, trials make me strong, sorrows keep me human, failures make me humble, success keeps me loving but God keeps me going"

28 June, 2009


This cake was ordered by my sister's friend. She has eaten this cake made by me at my sister's open house and luv the taste.

Choc Chilled cheesecake

This is repeat order fr Lily. She will order my cake when i go back to my hometown Merlimau.

27 June, 2009

Steamed Fruit Cake

This steamed fruit cake was ordered by Pn Sharifah from Kota Damansara.

25 June, 2009

American Chocolate Cake

This is my first American Chocolate Cake that I made for my office mates. For those who love chocolate, this is really yummy cake for you.

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24 June, 2009

Good news.The missing kids have been found.

Alhamdulillah. Police found the missing kids. Now they have reunited with their family.

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23 June, 2009

Please help to find missing kids

Nadia Natasha 8 tahun dan Ahmad Zakry 10 tahun, telah hilang dari rumah di Sri Putramas, Jalan Kuching, KL pada 22 Jun 2009. Kali terakhir dilihat pada jam 7malam 22 Jun. Sebarang info sila hubungi Puan Miza di 013-345 5661. Terima kasih.

Nadia Natasha 8 yrs and Ahmad Zakry 10 yrs were missing since 22nd June 2009, last saw at Sri Putramas, Jalan Kuching, KL at 7pm. Please call Puan Miza at 013-345 5661 if you have the information. TQ

Mat Smart

Ahmad Zakry (boy)



22 June, 2009

Swirl Cupcakes

Gambar Kek Zainab4

Swirl cupcakes ordered by Ms Susan. The cake is butter flavor with buttercream topping. Thanks.

19 June, 2009

Vanilla cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with buttercream

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11 June, 2009

Carrot Cake for TSG


Carrot cake ordered by Tenaga Switchgear for monthly birthday celebration. 3kg

Carrot Cake for Wedding Day Tags:

Gambar Kek Zainab2

Carrot cake for makan berdamai ordered by my friend Nora.

10 June, 2009

Cupcakes for 8th yrs service annivesary


Choc Indulgence Cake

DSC07031 DSC07029

This choc indulgence cake is repeat order from Ani for her girl. Thanks Ani. I used new technique for chocolate fence around the cake. I used Tan See Foong's express pattern mould. It is easy and the chocolate  deco look nicer.

Tan See Foong's website:

07 June, 2009

Kuih Kasui

Homemade Kuih kasui for tea time. Yummy.

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06 June, 2009

Holiday at Tiara Beach Resort

At Tiara Beach Resort today. Spending holiday with beloved family. My kids luv this place.

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04 June, 2009

Carrot cake

Carrot cake for teacher's day

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Another cake book

Sugarpaste decoration book.

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03 June, 2009

My New Cake Book - Delicious Cake from Y3K Publisher

My Pictures1

This is my new cake book that I ordered online from this website:

Y3K Publisher

This book is really good with many delicious cakes recipes with step by step pictures.  I will definitely try the recipes.

Carrot cake

My new cake

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02 June, 2009




This Tiramisu was ordered by Lily  - Craft shop owner in Merlimau. This cake was repeat order by her.

Her family luv the tiramisu.Thanks Lily Tags:

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Pulut Kuning Berhias

Pulut Kuning Berhias
Corporate order

Gym Themed Cake

Gym Themed Cake
Body builder cake

My 3D Fondant Cake

Cowboy Hat Cake

Cowboy Hat Cake

3D Chanel Handbag Cake

3D Chanel Handbag Cake

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