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" I have realized that I should not regret any day of my life. Good days give me happiness, bad days give me experiences - both are essential to life. Happiness keeps me sweet, trials make me strong, sorrows keep me human, failures make me humble, success keeps me loving but God keeps me going"

30 December, 2009

Orange Fondant Cupcakes for Hantaran

Gambar Kek Zainab7


Orange theme cupcakes for hantaran ordered by Pn Sharifah Rohani's friend.TQ.

Alphabet Cupcakes

Gambar Kek Zainab9


Repeat order from Pn Sharifah Rohani for her office mate. TQ.

29 December, 2009

My cakes for last few days



Choc Moist Cake



Chilled Choc Cheesecake



Choc Moist Cupcakes

24 December, 2009

Choc Indulgence Cake


Simple deco choc indulgence cake ordered by Pn Sherina from Kota Damansara for makan-makan. Thanks Pn Sherina.

22 December, 2009

Cupcakes with Alphabet

DSC00431 DSC00429

Butter cupcakes with buttercream topping ordered by Pn Sharifah Rohani from Kota Damansara . The wording I used fondant and cut it out with cookie cutter.

21 December, 2009

Fondant cake for Wedding Hantaran

DSC00375 Recently Updated36

Fondant cake ordered by Marlia from Kota Damansara for her friend's wedding. Thanks Marlia. Cake flavor is butter cake.

08 December, 2009

Choc chilled cheesecake

This cake ordered by Pn Fadillah and a repeat order from her. Tq

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06 December, 2009

Pandan layer cake

Pandan layer cake ordered by Pn. Sherina from Sek 4, Kota Damansara. Thanks Pn Sherina.

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05 December, 2009

Wedding cupcakes tier

Butter cake and choc moist cake flavor with buttercream topping.

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04 December, 2009

Power Puff Girls cake ordered by En Radin




Power Puff Girls cake 2

This cake ordered by En Radin for his little girl. Thanks En Radin.

Cupcakes for Wedding Hantaran

Cupcakes fondant for Hantaran

Choc moist cupcakes with fondant topping in 3.25oz solo cup.



Cupcakes fondant for Hantaran1

Choc moist cupcakes with buttercream topping in 3.25oz solo cup.


The cuppies ordered by Sis Hassihmura from Sek9, Kota Damansara for her wedding. Thanks Hasshi.  Selamat Pengantin Baru.

29 November, 2009

Apam ambon

Apam ambon for khenduri.

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27 November, 2009

Number 1 cake

Butter cake with buttercream topping.

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26 November, 2009

Edible image cupcakes

Princess Edible image cupcakes.

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21 November, 2009

Butter cake

Butter cake for farewell party

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20 November, 2009

Princess edible image for cupcakes

I have princess edible image in my stock. For those who interested to have them on cupcakes pls contact me for further details.

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Cakes for Deloitte's Impact Day

DSC00215 WAO

2kg++ Chocolate moist cake with buttercream topping for WAO in PJ.



4kgs buttercake with buttercream topping for Rumah Nur Salam in Chowkit, KL.

I used edible image for the logos. Edible image I ordered from Lea Oven, Putra Height.

18 November, 2009

Choc Indulgence Cakes


Choc Indulgence 3

Recently Updated35

Chocolate Indulgence cakes ordered by my customer for last week and this week. I received positive feedback for the cake flavor. The cake is layered and covered with choc cream cheese+whipping cream and topped with chocolate ganache. Yummy....especially for those who loves chocolate.

16 November, 2009

11 November, 2009

Carrot Cake

DSC00116 DSC00108

Carrot cakes ordered by Tenaga Switchgear and teacher for Sek Seksyen 6 Kota Damansara.

06 November, 2009

Fondant Cupcakes for Hantaran (Wedding)

Fondant Cupcakes for Hantaran-1

Fondant cupcakes ordered by Pn Sharifah - (my regular customer) for hantaran. Thanks Pn Sharifah.

31 October, 2009

29 October, 2009

23 October, 2009

Chocolate Moist Cake ordered by Tenaga Switchgear

Tenaga Switchgear Bday

3 kg Chocolate Moist cake ordered by Tenaga Switchgear for Aug, Sept and Oct Birthday celebration.

20 October, 2009

Fondant Cake for Impact Day

Recently Updated29


Fondant Cake for Deloitte's impact day bake sale. Cake flavor is carrot cake.

19 October, 2009

Liverpool Cake for birthday boy

DSC05638 DSC05639

This is my first Liverpool cake and to do the logo was more tricky compare to MU logo.

Manchester United Theme Cake and Cupcakes for birthday boy



Recently Updated25

  Manchester United cake and cupcakes ordered by Pn Ronani from Kelana Jaya. Thanks Pn Rosnani.Recently Updated26DSC05645

Cupcakes for birthday girls

Recently Updated28

Butter and choc moist Cupcakes with buttercream topping ordered by Pn Faridah from Kota Damansara. Thanks Pn Faridah.

I received sms from Pn Faridah:
"Salam... the cupcake is nice. all the kids like them..tq"

Thanks again Pn Faridah for your comment.

18 October, 2009

Caramel custard

Caramel custard ordered by Pn Sharifah from Kota Dsara. Thanks Pn Sharifah.

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