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" I have realized that I should not regret any day of my life. Good days give me happiness, bad days give me experiences - both are essential to life. Happiness keeps me sweet, trials make me strong, sorrows keep me human, failures make me humble, success keeps me loving but God keeps me going"

30 August, 2009

Football Cake

Football Cake4

This is repeat order by Pn Rahinah from Kota Damansara. She ordered Ben 10 cake before for her boy. Cake flavor is butter cake and layered with chocolate cream cheese. Thanks Pn Rahinah.

27 August, 2009

Chilled Blueberry Cheesecake


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Chilled Blueberry cheesecake ordered by Siti from Kota Damansara. Thanks Siti.

Vanilla Strawberry Cake

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Vanilla sponge cake layered and topped with strawberry filling and covered with whipping cream. This cake ordered by Siti from Kota Damansara. Thanks Siti. Tags:

23 August, 2009

Choc Indulgence cake

This cake ordered by Lily fr Merlimau.

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21 August, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Tiada hari seindah Jumaat, Tiada kata seindah Zikir, Tiada ibadah seindah Solat, Tiada bulan seindah Ramadhan.
Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak 1430H

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Ben 10 Cake Tags:

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Ben 10 cake ordered by Pn Rahinah fr Kota Damansara for her bday boy. Thanks Pn Rahinah. Hopes he will like it.

17 August, 2009

Ben 10 Cake

Ben 10 choc moist cake

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16 August, 2009

Chilled Blueberry Cheesecake

Today i made 2 chilled blueberry cheesecake and 40 slices of the same cake ordered by my friend. Thanks Su.

Sweet corn custard

Sweet corn custard for my family.

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14 August, 2009

13 August, 2009

12 August, 2009

Power Puff Girls Birthday Cake

DSC07496 DSC07504

Chocolate Moist cake with chocolate ganache topping and decorated with Power Puff Girls picture. I used frozen buttercream transfer method for the picture. Hopefully the birthday girl will like it. Thanks Fadil for your repeat order. 

10 August, 2009

2 Tiers Wedding Cake

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2 Tiers wedding cake for wedding ceremony at Keramat, KL. Chocolate moist cake with Chocolate Ganache topping. The cake weight About 4kg.

09 August, 2009

Kek lapis masam manis for Hari Raya

Order is opened for kek lapis masam manis. 
Cake size: 7"x7"=RM50

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07 August, 2009

05 August, 2009

My first ice cream cake

I made this cake as my first try ordered by my hubby's friend. Chocolate ice cream covered with sponge cake and i used whipping cream to decorate the cake

04 August, 2009

Manchester United Cake for MU Fan

MU Cake

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I made this cake for MU Fan birthday celebration. Actually for 10 yrs old boy. Hopefully he loves this cake. As usual, I used buttercream transfer method for MU logo.

02 August, 2009

Tiramisu cheesecake

Today I made 2 tiramisu for my customer from my hometown.

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01 August, 2009

Pandan Layer Cake

Pandan layer cake ordered by Lily from Merlimau.

Chilled Choc Cheese cake

My regular customer, Lily recommended this cake to her friend. Thanks Lily.

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