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" I have realized that I should not regret any day of my life. Good days give me happiness, bad days give me experiences - both are essential to life. Happiness keeps me sweet, trials make me strong, sorrows keep me human, failures make me humble, success keeps me loving but God keeps me going"

24 December, 2011


Cake ordered by Fazlina from Damansara Perdana. Tq

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Pulut Kuning berhias

Pulut kuning berhias specially made for my niece who got flying colors (9A) result in PMR 2011. Congrate Ain.

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18 December, 2011

Pulut Kuning Berhias 3 Tingkat

Pulut kuning berhias specially made for my brother in law's wedding.

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07 December, 2011

3d Angry Birds Cake

Angry birds cake ordered by Jihan. Thanks Jihan.

Zainab Ismail
Zairie Halal Homemade Cakes
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Edible image cake and cupcakes

Edible image cake and cupcakes for Majlis cukur jambul.

3d Angry Birds cake

Angry birds cake ordered by my cousin Kak Nor for her nephew's and niece's birthday. Tq Kak Nor.

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01 December, 2011

3D Angry Birds

Angry birds cake ordered by Ms Grace for her daughter's birthday. Thanks Ms Grace.

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25 November, 2011

Blueberry cheesetarts

Blueberry cheese tarts ordered by Pn Engku Maria also for her daughter's birthday.Tq.

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3D Angry birds cake

Angry birds cake ordered by Pn Engku Maria for her daughter's birthday. Tq.

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23 November, 2011

Hantaran cake

Hantaran cake ordered by Norhazira. Tq.

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20 November, 2011

Angry birds cake

Choc indulgence Angry Birds cake ordered by Pn Wani.This is repeat order from her. Tq.

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19 November, 2011

Choc indulgence

Choc indulgence cake ordered by  Muhd Azmi from Perak for Adilah in Melaka. Tq Azmi.

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Clown cupcakes

25 pieces clown cupcakes ordered by Kylie for her daughter's school party.Thanks Kylie.

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13 November, 2011

Blueberry cheese tarts

Cheesetarts ordered by Norziah also.tq.

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Apam dot-dot

Apam dot2 ordered by Norziah from Kota Dsara.Tq Norziah.

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09 November, 2011

Homemade coconut jelly/jeli kelapa

I made this jelly since i really love to eat coconut jelly. Really yummy and easy to make.

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01 November, 2011

Birthday cake with edible image, fruit tarts and cheese tarts



Birthday cake with whipping cream topping and edible image ordered by Normasliha. Thanks for your order. She also ordered 30 pieces fruit tarts and 20 pieces cheese tarts but I forgot to snap the picture. Thanks also for inviting us to have lunch at your house on that day..

30 October, 2011

Boboiboy Edible image cake

Choc moist cake with Boboiboy edible image ordered by Zurin for her son's 1st birthday.Thanks Zurin.

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28 October, 2011

Angry birds cupcakes

25 pieces Angry birds cupcakes with  fondant decoration .

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23 October, 2011

3D LV Handbag Cake & Fruit Tarts

Recently Updated63


3D handbag cake ordered by my relative- Nissa for her brother’s engagement day.I used edible image for LV design on the cake. Thanks Nissa.

IMAG0349 She also ordered fruit tarts for hantaran. TQ again Nissa.

16 October, 2011

Open for order

Dear customer,

I'm better now Alhamdulillah and will take order effective from 21 Oct 2011.



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02 October, 2011

I will not take order from 3 Oct 2011 until further notice

Dear customer,

Due to health reason, I will not take order from 3rd October until further notice. Sorry for inconveniences caused.

Wedding and Hantaran Cake for my relative



Wedding cake and hantaran cupcakes specially made for my cousin’s daughter wedding. Congrate Nurul

Edible Image Angry Birds Cake


Chocolate moist cake ordered by Pn Rahmah for her kids birthday. She also ordered 5 Angry birds topper  for cake deco. Thanks Pn Rahmah.

She also ordered 300 pieces Apam dot dot. Thanks again Pn Rahmah.


27 September, 2011

3D Angry Birds cake ordered by Pn Wani

Recently Updated61

3D Angry Bird cake with 5 minin Angry birds ordered by Pn Wani for her daughter’s birthday. I received SMS from Pn Wani about this cake:

“Salam...tq 4 da cute cake...brbut2 bdk2 nk birds yg kcik2 tu...kalo tau order yg kcik2 tu jer...cake pn sdap...mmg xcited n puas ati...tks again 4 cheering up da kids”

Thanks Pn Wani for your order.

3D Angry Birds Cakes for my boy’s birthday

Recently Updated62

I made this cake for my boy’s birthday celebration at his school. He was so happy with the cake. He loves Angry birds character. Happy Birthday Muiz.

12 September, 2011

3D Angry Bird Cake

Recently Updated593D Angry Bird cake ordered by Zura for her girl Tisya. Thanks Zura for your positive feedback.

10 September, 2011

Thomas Train Cake



Thomas Train Cake ordered by Azrinda from Muar on 3rd Hari Raya. Thanks Azrinda.

22 August, 2011

Kek ladam kuda/Nutella Cake

While googling i stumbled upon one blog fr Singapore telling about thi s cake popular in Singapore during Raya season. Since I love to try new recipe, i made the cake yesterday. The cake is very soft like sponge cake and what make it more yummy is the nutella filling. I decided to make nutella jam myself base on recipe i got from internet. The taste really yummy and I don't have to buy Nutella. Really happy with the result.
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14 August, 2011

Dodol for Hari Raya Gift

Dodol original recipe from Melaka is opened for order. Rm18 for 500gram.
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12 August, 2011

Arsenal Cupcakes & Birthday cupcakes



Arsenal Theme birthday cupcakes and pin theme birthday cupcakes ordered by Pn Hasniza from Sek 8, Kota Damansara. Thanks Pn Hasniza.

Colourful Swiss Roll for Hari Raya


Order is opened for colourful Swiss Roll for Hari Raya .Suitable for Raya Gift when balik kampung. Vanilla sponge cake with 3 colours and filled with strawberry jam.

The swiss roll length is about 13 inch.

Please contact me at 012 6859818.

09 August, 2011

Colourful Swiss roll cake

My first attempt making swiss roll for buka puasa.
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Pulut Kuning Berhias

Pulut Kuning Berhias
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