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Merlimau,Melaka, Melaka, Malaysia
I'm a working mum with 3 lovely kids. I love baking and i learnt baking techniques from internet, yahoo group like Rnet, books, youtube videos. I don't manage to attend any baking courses since i don't have much time. Thanks to my hubby who gives full support in my baking business. Pls contact me at zairie07@gmail.com or 012 6859818 if yo7u are interested to order my cakes. Cupcakes - order 16 & 25 pieces in standard box. Pls inform me 2-3 days earlier. SELF PICK UP FROM MY HOME IN MERLIMAU, Melaka. My yahoo id:enab04@yahoo.com For those in Melaka (Merlimau), you can order my cake when i go back to Melaka. You need to contact me to check my schedule.

Bank Account Number

Once confirmed your order, please pay deposit at least 50% to my bank account.

Name : Zainab Ismail .Maybank a/c no: 564191052994 .

For order below RM50, deposit has to be paid in full.

14 January, 2011

Smiling apam/apam mekar

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I made the smiling apams using my electric steamer and so happy that the apam smiles. My little girl really loves the apam and she requested pink color.


Zie said...

Salam perkenalan, saya suka apam mekar tu, camne buat bagi dia punya hijau kat luar putih didalam. cantik dan unik. Biasa jugak buat tapi tak tau nak buat cam tu. tq.

Zainab said...

Salam Zie, apam mekar tu mula2 saya paipkan adunan berwarna putih 2/4 penuh acuan. Lepas tu paipkan adunan berwarna hijau/merah ke keatas adunan putih tadi -1/4 bahagian. Paipkan rata sehingga menutupi adunan berwarna putih tadi. lepas tu baru masukkan dalam kukus.Harap dapat membantu.TQ

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